Bicycle tourism

One of the branches of tourism, which has become really popular these days, is bicycle tourism. These people’s bicycles are usually recognized a lot more easily because of all the backpacks and bags hanging from the sides, although bicycle tourism is lot broader in meaning and generally involves just about anyone who engages in tourism on a bike.

Bicycle tourism

Bicycle tourism is a concept that most people either know nothing about or don’t fully understand. Therefore, in order to help folks get to know this topic better, lots of training is being carried out in almost every society. Much like the smoke-free urban bicycles, which people have recently started using in many big cities in Iran, if you have one or know how to ride one, you can enter the field of bicycle tourism.

What is bicycle tourism?

Bicycle tourism may involve many types of travel and tourism, but its general definition, which is provided by the famous cycling website “Path less pedaled”, defines bicycle tourism like this:

“Travel activities engaged in to enjoy cycling”. Most kinds of bicycle tourism are divided into these main categories (However you do need to keep in mind, that there are many overlaps between most of these categories) and may involve cycling on the road, along sandy routes, and across mountains.


Bicycle tours are usually arranged for and carried out by cycling groups, organizations, tours and societies. These groups generally hold cycling races too. For example, Cyclocross races, the French cycling tours (or generally any bicycle tours held in prominent European cities).

Bicycle tourism generally involves going around a pre-determined route. The cyclers try to concentrate on going around a certain tourist destination or natural attractions. That way, not only do they get a chance to exercise, but also get to several places and tourist attractions that cannot be reached by other transportation means.

Daily cycling and urban cycling

“Urban cycling” often refers to tours held in a city or neighborhood. These tours are held to visit urban attractions and go from city to city, just like the bicycle tours held in Amsterdam.

Why has bicycle tourism become so popular nowadays?

Cycle tourism is one of the quickest and most convenient kinds of out-door recreational and tourism activities all around the globe. Investing in this form of tourism could be quite profitable for people. Cycling also improves the overall health rate in society, helps lower health-related expenses, reduces the amount of traffic, helps preserve the environment, and makes people happier.

As a form of tourism, cycling is one of the main ways for societies to invest in sustainable economic development opportunities.

Benefits of cycle tourism for local communities

Traveling on bikes is especially useful for rural societies. Cyclers and recreational cycling tours are always looking for rare less travelled rural routes; the kind of routes that would be away from busy roads travelled by noisy motor vehicles. They quietly pedal through the nature and the routes otherwise travelled by animals only.

As a result, cycle tourism can keep tourists in a certain area for extended periods of time, and so they use more money to pay for more services in rural societies. Therefore, it would be really helpful for the people of small cities and remote areas.

Studies show that in developed societies, cycle tourism generates more revenue for local communities by 40% compared to bus tours.

What people become cyclers?

It is really important that people who are looking to enter this big industry, pay close attention to the importance and the market of cycle tourism. Most of the travel agencies that operate cycling tours, take a dim view to this issue, due to the inaccurate statistics they receive. Although this field could be quite profitable. We’ll be giving you some statistics to help you know more about cycle tourism.

  • 82% of the tourists who ride a bike or are cycle tourists, are highly educated people.
  • The average age of cycle tourists is 52.
  • 58% of the people involved with cycle tourism, have an annual salary of over 75 thousand dollars.
  • Cycle tourism statistics show that international cyclers account for 8.1% of cycle tourists.

Where are cycle tourism destinations?

Almost any place where you can ride a bike and spend your holidays, could be considered a cycle tourism destination. Seeing as how cycling itself has many different kinds, you can include different places in this field as well. People who are interested mountain biking, can choose any mountainous area to pedal through. That’s why these kinds of natural attractions could be considered one of the main cycle tourism destinations.

Generally, any place could be a great bicycle tourism destination. For there are no limits in this field, and it depends on the number of cyclers and the area they choose to travel through on bikes. Whether it be a rural mountainous area, or a big city with congested streets.

Cycle tourism in Iran

These days, a lot more attention is paid to pedaling and bikes for a lot of different reasons. You see a lot more people riding bikes on the roads and streets. Cycle tourism has become popular in Iran in the past few years and has caused young folks to take an interest in this way of traveling to go through Iran. They even choose many of the neighboring countries like Azerbaijan, Armanestan, and Turkiminstan to pedal through.