According to Iran Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts, and Tourism Organization (ICHTO) which is officially responsible for any tourism activities, Iran accommodations can be categorized in various types such as hotels (ranked from 1 star (budget quality) to 5 stars (Luxury quality), motel, guest houses (ranked from top to usual class), tourist Inns (from 1star to 3 stars), ecotourism lodges, and local houses. All these accommodations are under Supervision of ICHTO.

To be very competitive, and satisfy all desires and tastes, Zhivar Tour and Travel Agency is pleased to provide you with all types of official accommodations in Iran. We have excellent relationships with luxury and budget hotels throughout the country to provide you with High Quality facilities and services with very reasonable prices. We do have many local houses and home-stay accommodations in different parts of Iran to create an amazing opportunity for our guests to experience the lifestyle of local people and explore their culture in an authentic way.  We also have a very equipped Caravan and Camp facilities for almost 25 people (Luxury facilities) in our nature-based and adventure tours.  Our nomad programs include staying overnights with nomad people in their traditional tent, and gazing the nights full of stars which you never find in the other places.

Here are the list of certified accommodations and please let us know if you have any enquires.