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Ski resorts in Iran

Iran is a vast country, with a lot of different weather conditions in different regions. Some of its regions are hot and dry, some wet and mild, and some cold and mountainous. The summits of high mountains like Alborz and Zagros, which are covered with snow most of the year, have provided all the conditions needed for the fans of this exciting sport. Ski resorts of Iran host myriads of skiing fans, who come from various cities to have fun in this region. Stay with Zhivar, so we can briefly introduce these resorts to you.

“Tochal” ski resort

The “Tochal” region has three different ski resorts. The first resort starts at 3850 meters above sea level and leads to a hotel at 3550. The length of the resort is 1200 meters. “Tele-seege” and “Tele-eski” are among the facilities available at this complex. Of course you can use the Tocahl cable car to get to any of the resorts at the Tochal complex. This resort is one of the first resorts to get covered with snow and it opens in the middle of autumn. Another resort of this complex is on the western hillside and is 900 meters long. There is also a new-found resort that connects the seventh station to the fifth and is 5500 meters. This one is not very well-equipped yet.

“Darbandsar” ski resort

This one is the only resort in Iran that has a snow-making machine and has hosted the international league of skiing competitions several times. This complex is equipped with chairlifts, ski lifts, cable cars, a restaurant and a skiing school.

“Ab-Ali” Ski resort

Ab-Ali is one of the oldest among Iranian ski resorts and is located in Tehran province. There are five ski resorts in this complex, all of which are equipped with cable cars and ski lifts. You can also find other facilities in this complex such as a tennis court, equestrian facility, paragliding platform, hotel, restaurant, and medical assistance facilities.

“Shemshak” ski resort

Shemshak resort is 57 kilometers northeast of the city of Tehran and is considered part of Shemiran county. Its height changes between 3050 and 2550 meters. This resort has chairlifts, ski lifts, and projectors. The yellow light emitted by the projectors makes it possible to continue skiing after dark. Two hotels and four restaurants are also some of facilities at this complex. This resort is available for use starting from the third month of autumn and doesn’t lose its snow until a little while after the beginning of spring.

“Dizin” ski resort

Dizin, which is located in Karaj Alborz province, is in many ways the most important ski resort in Iran and The middle east. Out of all the ski resorts in Iran, Dizin was the first to be officially recognized as the host of international competitions. Dizin has 23 ski resorts and is embedded with cable cars, chair lifts, ski lifts, and a grass ski resort. There is 7.5 kilometers of skiing route in Dizin, which starts at 3600 meters above sea levels and ends at 2650. Being open between the begging of Azar near the end of Ordibehisht, Dizin gives people a lot time to use the resort. The ski resort is also pleasant to be at in summer time, when skiing on grass becomes possible. Other summer-time recreational activities at this resort include mountain biking, archery, paragliding, and taking in the nature.

“Khoor” ski resort

Right next to Karaj dam, there is an ancient village called “Khoor”, which is where a ski resort of the same name was founded. This resort sits at an altitude of 3000 meters above sea level and has a 1850-meter skiing trail and another that is 300 meters. In order to get there, all you need to do is drive 23 kilometers off Chaloos road. There are also ski lifts in this resort.

“Alvars” ski resort

This one is located on the high hillsides of Sabalan, 12 kilometers from Alvars village, and 24 kilometers from Sar’ein, and since it sits 3200 metere above sea level, it is completely filled with snow all through autumn and winter and available for use for 6 to 8 months during the year. There also such equipment as elevators and chairlifts to help make climbing the mountain easier.

“Poolad kaf” ski resort

This complex is known as the second biggest international ski resort in Iran and is in the city of Sepidan, which is 85 kilometers from Shiraz. Poolad kaf canbe used in all four seasons and sits 2850 meters above sea level. This complex is equipped with facilities like cable cars, ski lifts, restaurants, fast food joints, coffee shops, inns, hotels, snowmobiles, mountain cars, hoverboards, pedal boats, horse-back riding, biking, skiing shop, and skiing school.

“Tarik-darreh” ski resort

This ski resort has been founded 10 kilometers southwest of Ganjnameh city, Hamadan, on the hillsides of mount Alvand. It is 1600 meters long. this complex is equipped with an elevator and chairlift and also has a shelter and a 550-meter inn, a dorm, restaurant, skiing school, and an emergency electricity supply. In summer time, when the weather is really pleasant in Hamadan, skiing on a 5000-meter grass field equipped with ski lift becomes a possibility.

“Nesar” ski resort

This ski resort is in Bijar city, Kurdistan province. It can be reached really easily and has an incredible view of the city. One of its attractive qualities is its low entrance fee and its cheap training courses. It has some such facilities like chairlift, grass field, parking lot, hotel and restaurant.

Chelgard ski resort

In Kooh-rang County, Chaharmahal Bakhtiari province, there is one of Iran’s best ski resorts. It is among the most well-known and recognized ski resorts of Zagros in Iran, and it is really old as it was established almost 44 years ago. This ski is adjacent to Koohrang’s first tunnel and it’s on the eastern side of the mountain and is 800 meters long and sits on a 20-degree slope. It is equipped with ski lift, snow pounders, elevators in three different areas, two for men and women, one used for training purposes, which is 200 meters long. One of the advantages of this ski resort is that it is sunny on most days of the year, and it can provide people with accommodation services, parking space, local souvenir shops, and a place for selling and/or renting out skiing equipment.

“Sahand” ski resort

Sahand is one of the ski resorts of northwestern Iran located near Tabriz. The advantages of this resort are being only 30 minutes from Tabriz, and facilities like 12 elevators, villa hotels, and sports venues along the way. You can ski for 6 months at Sahand ski resort and even though the snow there could be up to 4 meters deep at times, there is very little chance of an avalanche.

“Kakan (Dena)” ski resort

Dena ski resort, which is also known as Kakan, is 18 kilometers from the city of Yasooj, and it’s 1500 meters long and 600 meters wide; it is, as a result, among the vastest ski resorts in Iran. The various advantages of this resort like ski lift, snow bulldozer, dorm, and restaurant as well as its tutor, have made this place really good for training. This resort can be used starting from the winter until the beginning of spring.

“Papayi” ski resort

Being more than 600 meters long, this ski resort is in the heights of Zanjan province, about 3 kilometers from Ij-rood County. This resort is equipped with elevators, snow-pounding machines, a skiing school, ski lift, suites, restaurants, coffee shops, and a parking lot. The resort sits on a mild slope and therefore is suitable for inexperienced skiers as well.