Tomb of Hafez

Where is Hafezieh?

Hafezieh or the tomb of Hafez is located in the Musalla Gardens٫ in a tombstone complex in the north of Shiraz٫ which is concidered as one of the most important tourist attractions of Shiraz.

Hafezieh; the tomb of secrets

Most of Iranians are fascinated by the poems of Lesanolgheyb٫-Hafez. Khaje shamsodin Muhammad Hafez Shirazi٫ known by Lesanolgheyb٫ was the great poet of Iran in the eighth century; whose Ghazals are popular in the world.
Hafezieh is one of the most important tourist attractions of Shiraz٫ which has had the highest number of visitors in some years. All domestic and foreign travelers and tourists visiting Shiraz٫ certainly visit the Tomb of Hafez. Therefore٫ visting Hafezieh and enjoying the atmosphere of the Tomb of this great poet and literary is in the top priority in the traveling tours to Shiraz.

Interesting facts about the tomb of Hafez; The magic of André Godard’s architecture

The designer of Hafezieh is the french architect٫ André Godard. Godard was one of the greatest orientalists who was interested in the culture and art of Iran. Godard stayed in Iran for 32 years and made many efforts for the culture and art of this country.
His interest in Iran and the eastern architecture made this archaeologist recruit Iran’s government in 1928 and later he became famous for designing the National Museum of Iran and Tehran University campus. While he was the manager of the Iranian archaeological department, he managed to collect and restore many historical monuments from different regions and set up a list of Iranian national monuments. Three historical hills were the first Iranian national monuments which were recorded by Godard.
The first design of the tomb of Hafez dates back to 856 AH. About 65 years after the death of Hafez٫ Shamsodin Muhammad Yaghmayi٫ Mirza Abolghasem Gourkani’s minister٫ built a domes-shaped emirate over the tomb of Hafez and built a large pond in front of the tomb.
The total area of this complex is a hectares and consists of 2 north and south yards.
Hafezieh was restored during the reign of Shah Abbas Safavi and once again at the time of the reign of Nader Shah Afshar. In the era of Zandie٫ Karim Khan Zand totally changed the architectural style of the tomb. He built a building of his own style and placed a marble stone on Hafez’s soil.
After Karim Khan Zand٫ in 1235 AH٫ Abolfath Mirza Muyad Dole٫ the governor of Fars province٫ restored Hafezieh and in 1257 AH٫ Farhad Motamed Dole the governor of Fars٫ built a wooden mansion around the tomb. In 1278 AH٫ Ardeshir restored the tomb again and built another mansion but Seyed Aliakbar Fal Asiri destroyed the restored building because Ardeshir was Zoroastrian.
The destroyed building was restored in 1280 and prince Malek Mansour built an iron mansion.
In 1311 AH٫ Shamsi Farajollah Bahrami also carried out major repairs in the garden٫ the tomb and the surrounding walls. The structure of today’s Hafezieh dates back to the era of Mozaffarian. In 1316 AH, by the order of Reza Pahlavi٫ with Godard’s design٫ by keeping 4 columns٫ was renovated in modern form. Also in the southern part of it٫ a garden and two rectangular ponds were built.
Hafez’s tomb is located in front of one of the most crowded streets of Shiraz and the tomb is hidden from the street.
The southern part of Hafezieh is the symbol of the material world. As we get closer to the tomb(sky)٫ we will get free.
The northern part of Hafezieh is the symbol of the hereafter. It has 8 entrances to the grave. The tomb has 8 stone columns that were built in the era of Mozaffarian. 8 is the symbol of eighth century when Hafez was living and also is the symbol of 8 doors of heaven.
The outer part of the dome is the symbol of sky and a Dervish’s hat. Colors used in the inner part of the dome are blue٫ purple-red٫ dark brown٫ black and white.
Hafez’s grave stone is located at an altitude of 1 meter from the ground and is surrounded by 5 rows of circular staircases.
The copper dome is in the shape of a Dervish’s hat on 8 columns, with a height of 10 meters.
Hafez had predicted that his shrine would become a great shrine after him:
بر سر تربت ما چون گذری، همت خواه که زیارتگه رندان جهان خواهد بود
Big concerts have been held in Hafezieh’s environment; like Muhammad Resa Shajarian (1342 AH ,1370 AH) and Ostad Nazeri’s concert.
The tomb of Khajeh Shamsodin Muhammad Hafez Shirazi was registered by the Ministry of Culture and Art No. 1009 in the Iranian national monuments list, in 1354.